Over the past decade, businesses have been awakened to the benefits associated with collaborative, adaptable working environments and the need to integrate modern communications.

The Ad-Lib Work Lounge was designed by PearsonLloyd and developed in collaboration with The Senator Group’s development team, as a solution to the changing working environment.

Ad-Lib Work Lounge has been developed as a unique solution to enable movement, flexibility and teamwork, breaking away from the static environments of traditional work settings.

Described as a ‘mobile soft seat’, it is designed for collaborative work settings, enabling the user to move location easily, making it perfect for breakout sessions or teamwork settings when a cluster configuration is desired.

Mobility is delivered through the chair’s unique structure – a tubular steel frame is wrapped in an upholstered sock, reducing the need for traditional framing or upholstery and providing the user with a feeling of the chair moulding to their body. Work Lounge also sits on a 360 degree swivel aluminium base and has options of castors or glides.

When sitting for extended periods, during a presentation for example, it is possible for the user to relax and enjoy the chair’s fully upholstered lounge style and height adjustable head rest, thus aiding concentration and comfort.

Ad-Lib Scholar by Senator is the latest addition to the Ad-Lib family of multi-purpose seating and tables. Designed by award winning designers PearsonLloyd and developed in collaboration with our in house development team, Ad-Lib Scholar provides a clever solution to the changing needs of the education and training sectors.