Ramsden’s have gone for a very high specification on the ground floor with veneer surfaces and an impressive boardroom, a lot of though and work has gone into the design and look of the overall project incorporating their journey as a company, they were very keen to keep their company policies at the forefront of their mind and even integrated those policies into the decoration to keep staff motivated and to let visitors know what their mission statement is.

Height adjustable desks have been rolled out for every member of staff, the first in the area to implement this new way of agile working. Allowing each member of staff to sit and stand at their leisure promoting health throughout the workforce. Even down to the operator chairs that have height adjustable arms and seat depth adjustment options to cater for all sizes to be able to adapt their chair to what is comfortable to them. Their corporate colours are used in the paintwork and fabrics,

Their canteen area has been considerable thought about in the design stage to provide different breakout areas, high dining low dining and soft seating. Also throughout the ground floor and first floor they have high back soft seating providing an alternate workplace for staff that has acoustic benefits. Large TVs have been implemented throughout to provide staff with updates and entertainment when they see fit.

Throughout the project the staff have been heavily involved in the decision process – we attended to demonstrate the height adjustable table and two options of operator chair and a vote was had to decide which one would be rolled out.