To help understand ‘how we work’, one of our top furniture suppliers Senator surveyed 2,000 UK employees that work in an office environment.

The answers proved insightful, some popular perceptions were confirmed by the findings but there were others challenged by the new influences shaping the modern office environment.

One thing remained constant throughout the survey: our love of the desk.

It’s clear to see that over the past decade, office trends have moved ever further from the standard desk environment. Consensus suggests that the cubicle is very much dead now that hot desking, mobile working and standing desks have become widely accepted by businesses.

What does coincide with current trends within the office marketplace is that even though the majority (81 per cent) of the population would prefer to be sat at a desk when carrying out intense tasks like writing, the research found that 41 per cent of those would prefer the option to change their working height.

This could revolutionise the way many businesses design their workplace and could be an ideal change in attitude for businesses looking to campaign against a sedentary lifestyle.